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This category is intended for SVG files, that contain nothing but a raster image. Downloading such a file usually gives a file called index.png.
Some images in this category would actually belong in SVG images with embedded raster graphics. E.g. this and this image were here, although they contain vector elements.

Replacing fakes by real SVG[edit]

"Replace" is meant literally: an in-place improvement should be done, the old file should be overwritten with the new content. Afterwards the description needs to be updated.
Most of these fakes result from a lack of knowlegde how to create real SVG, e.g. how to use Inkscape. Not all files are really used - there is not much use to invest a lot of effort for an orphaned file.
Some files show extremly simple SVG, that can easily be drawn "by hand" with a text editor, by users able to do: examples can be seen at e.g. that category where simple graphics are drawn with a few hundred bytes.
Normally a low to moderate knowledge of a tool like Inkscape is sufficient to replace fake images by true SVG.


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