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Add {{delete|REASON FOR DELETION}} tag:

  • Add the following code to the top of the image, category or article page. Replace REASON FOR DELETION with your rationale on why it should be deleted and the date with the actual date.
  • If you are nominating many images in a series, write {{delete|reason|subpage}};[1] The full syntax is {{delete |reason= |subpage= |day= |month= |year= }}.
{{delete|REASON FOR DELETION|year={{subst:CURRENTYEAR}}|month={{subst:CURRENTMONTHNAME}}|day={{subst:CURRENTDAY}}}}

Create a subpage of Deletion Request:

Manually create a subpage of deletion requests and post your deletion request there,
  • Subpage: Commons:Deletion requests/File:FILE-NAME.png
  • Deletion Request: {{subst:delete2|image=File:FILE-NAME.png|reason=WRITE REASON --~~~~}}
OR follow the procedure below
  • Enter the name of the file that you wish to nominate for deletion, click on "Create the subpage", and simply follow the instructions given there.
  • On an image page (on which you've added the {{delete}} template), you should have the "add the request page" link. Click on that link, and simply follow the instructions given there.


Add the link of sub-page in "Deletion Request Log":

After you are done with that you have to add the newly created subpage to Commons:Deletion requests/2022/09/29. The log is sorted by every date; if there are already the other requests there, add your line at the bottom without erasing the existing requests. Remember to save the page.
Add the following code:
"FILE-NAME.png" is the name of the file you have tagged.

{{Commons:Deletion requests/File:FILE-NAME.png}}

Notify the file uploader/page creator with {{idw}} tag:

  • Notify the uploader on their talk page. Use the notify text given after adding the delete template.
  • "FILE-NAME.png" is the name of the file you have tagged.
{{subst:idw|File:FILE-NAME.png}} ~~~~
  1. For example, add {{delete|All photos of User:Mike are suspected copyvios|Images of Mike}} to all images in this series.